Arun Prakash Gupta
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Work Details

  1. Web-based marketing automation suite
    DurationAug 1998 - till date
    EmployerGlobal Infotech Corp, Santa Clara, CA, USA.
    ClientImparto Software Corp, Mountain View, CA, USA.
    DescriptionWeb-based marketing automation suite of tools for collecting customers data and supporting sales staff by generating various reports.
    Environment JDK 1.1.5, JDBC 1.0, Oracle 7.3, Netscape IFC 1.1 Constructor classes, JPad Pro 3.6 IDE, HTML 3.2, Visigenic ORB 3.2, IDL Scripting, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1, IIS 4.0, SCCS, JRun 2.2a, TeamTrack 2.11, Microsoft Index Server 2.0, NT Server Resource Kit Supplement Two
    Responsibilities Actively involved in coding & testing client-side and server-side applets. Client-side applets involve designing the UI using Netscape IFC Constructor classes. Server-side applets are responsible for communication with the database.

    Client-side applets talk to server-side applets through Visigenic Object Request Broker Agent. IDL scripting is written for interfacing client & server. Oracle is used as the backend database server. SQL queries are written and executed using JDBC at the server side.

    Single handedly involved in porting servlets from Netscape Enterprise server 3.5.1 to IIS 4.0 using Live software's JRun product (ver 2.2a).

    Currently involved in integrating third party search engines with the product.
  1. Radiant Network Analysis and Reporting System (RNARS)
    DurationJul 1997 - Jul 1998
    EmployerHughes Software Systems, Gurgaon, India.
    ClientHughes Network Systems, GermanTown, MD, USA.
    DescriptionGenerate performance and network usage reports of the network resources. Reports are generated by an off-line reporting function which periodically collects the log files from the Network Management Systems in the network, processes them and generates reports based on that data.
    EnvironmentVisual C++ 5.0, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Rational Rose 4.0, Microsoft Foundation Class Library 4.21, ODBC, Clearcase Version Control & Configuration Management tool, Excel - 97, Interleaf 6.1 document generator
    ResponsibilitiesActively involved in all phases of software development life cycle for developing the software.

    Database classes were designed which were responsible for database interaction. MFC classes & ODBC SDK calls were used for implementation. MS SQL Server 6.5 was used as the back end database server. Wrote several SQLs for manipulating the database. Was also actively involved in preparing the screen design using Microsoft standard controls.
  1. HCL-HP Intranet Implementation
    DurationJun 1997 - Jul 1997
    EmployerHCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    ClientHCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    DescriptionHCL-HP head office at Noida, Uttar Pradesh and 143 regional offices spread across the country are to be linked via a common messaging backbone. An intranet will follow which will permit the user to have a common browser interface to otherwise heterogeneous applications running on the desktop.
    EnvironmentMS Exchange Server 5.0, MS IIS 3.0, MS Frontpage - 97, JDK 1.1.1
    ResponsibilitiesNetwork setup including the placement of web servers, proxy servers, ftp servers & gateway configurations was handled. An estimation on the number of servers required was made.

    Various application technologies to be implemented were studied and documented. Microsoft Exchange site design was initiated alongwith a migration strategy from Unix-based mailing system to MS Exchange-based mailing system.
  1. Intranet Prototype
    DurationOct 1996 - May 1997
    EmployerHCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    ClientHCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    DescriptionAn intranet prototype was developed for PSO, the software division of HCL Hewlett Packard Ltd. The prototype involved design and development of the intranet web site using various cutting-edge technologies. The servers & clients were identified and all the requisite software was installed on the machines.
    EnvironmentWindows NT 4.0, Windows 95, HP UX 9.2, JDK 1.1.1, MS IIS 2.0, SQL Server 6.5, ActiveX Control Pad, Microsoft Office - 97 / Netscape Navigator Gold, GIF Animator
    ResponsibilitiesVarious possible technologies were studied and tested to identify the easiest and quickest way of publishing. The various technologies used were Word - 97 and Navigator Gold 3.0 HTML wysiwyg editing features, VBScript / Javascript for client-side validation, IDC scripts to connect the existing databases with the main page.

    ActiveX controls and Java applets were embedded in the page to provide a more appealing interface. Database interaction was also handled using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API.
  1. Lease line installation
    DurationOct 1996 - Jan 1997
    EmployerHCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    ClientSoftware Technology Park Unit, HCL Hewlett Packard Ltd, Noida, India.
    DescriptionA 64 Kbps lease link was established for the Software Technology Park (STP) Unit of PSO. The installation exposed to various techno-commercial aspects of setting up a lease line.
    EnvironmentWindows NT 4.0, MS Exchange Server 4.0, MS DNS Server, MS Proxy Server
    ResponsibilitiesAn Internet Service Provider (ISP) was choosen by means of an exhaustive technical / commercial feasibility of several ISPs present near the site. A detailed discussion with the product-vendor exposed to the various issues in selecting a radio-modem, multiplexer & router. The physical installation and commissioning of the antenna, RF-cable, radio modem, router and clients was carried in consonance with the ISP.

    Windows NT 4.0 server was set up as part of the exercise. Web server, ftp server, proxy server, DNS server, messaging server were also installed on the main server node alongwith the installation of the client software on the client nodes. All the server softwares were fully configured to provide restricted access to the users.
  1. Web page development for the intranet
    DurationJan 1996 - Jun 1996
    EmployerNational Informatics Centre, New Delhi, India.
    ClientNational Informatics Centre, New Delhi, India.
    DescriptionWeb pages were designed for the intranet of NIC. A deep understanding of Internet and it's technology was an inherent part of the project.
    EnvironmentHTML, Unixware 1.1, MS Windows 3.1, Oracle Powerbrowser, Netscape Navigator Gold, Webmanage Chameleon suite (ver 4.5)
    ResponsibilitiesA user friendly all-purpose reference manual on Oracle was developed. The manual comprises for solutions of daily operational problems for Oracle users on all platforms. A user-survey was conducted and the problems alongwith the solutions were then published in HTML format.

    A subject-oriented web directory was maintained for the users of the World Wide Web within NIC. Frequently accessed sites were cached locally for reducing network traffic. An email system was integrated with the directory for the users to send in the requests for search on keywords.

    Office document management applications were also developed using C and Unix shell script.

Presentations and Seminars
Delivered a pre-VLDB warm-up tutorial on Internet and Database integration under Computer Society of India (CSI) chapter of Bokaro Steel Plant. The audience comprises of senior management & EDP personnel at Bokaro Steel Plant.

Delivered numerous internal trainings on Internet and related concepts in HCL-HP.

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