flower bar
;) MENKA Arun ;)
flower bar

my sweetest possession
my coochie koo
AND my fiancee
We got engaged on the auspicious day of 5th July, 1998. Although i departed from her on 10th itself to california, but still living under her magic. I'll write more about her and post her snaps after a while.

In the mean time, check out the theme song of the TITANIC, first CD album (and my first gift too :) that she gave me.

That's another cute song for her.

If you care for us, please feel free to send a message.

love bar
Just waiting to meet her ...

aahat si koi aaye, to lagta hai ke tum ho ...
saya koi lahraye to lagta hai ki tum ho ...

pyaar se koi bulaye, to lagta hai ki tum ho ...
khud hi hansee aa jaye, to lagta hai ki tum ho ...

love bar