First Anniversary Party
MenkArun The lovely couple!
Cake Cutting That was a surprise cake from mom & dad!
Cake: Arun 2 Menka Arun 2 Menka
Cake: Menka 2 Arun Menka 2 Arun
Cake: Dad 2 Mom Dad 2 Mom ... haa haa haa ... ALL IN THE FAMILY :-)
Hugging Anita Mami That's my sweetest mami. And of course, you can see my mona darling standing behind her!
Seema, Abhi, Puneet, Narendra, Paavas, Veenu, Munish & Rajat That's our MCA gang!
Menka, Bua, Mr. Bua, Chacha, Mrs. Chacha, Manish Menka, Bua & family, Chachi & family and Manish
Manish, Mayank, Ruchira, Monica, Ankur, Akhil Menka's brothers, bhabhi & cousins
Manish, Mummy ji, Papa ji, Ruchira & Mayank All my in-laws
Menka's friends Menka's friends
Shamit & Vivek (Jaiswal) Three musketeers of HSS :-)
MenkArun with Anamika & Ravi MenkArun with Anamika & Ravi
MenkArun with Manu & Meetu MenkArun with Manu & Meetu and of course their cute new baby!
Menka with ma, pa, sis & jija Our closely knit family, pops, sis, jija, mohit, mom & abhinav :-)
Of course, that's her! Whoa ... datz her!

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