Yeh na thee hamari qismat...

Yeh na thee hamari qismat keh wisaal-e-yaar hota,
Agar aur jeete rahtay yehi intezaar hota

It was never in my fate to meet my beloved.
Even if more years of life was to me allocated, I would have been still awaiting the prize cherished.

Tere waade par jiyee ham to yeh jaan jhoot jana,
Keh khushi se mar na jaate agar intezaar hota

If you think that I had been living on your promise, it is a lie.
For, if I had faith in you, would not of joy I would die.

Yeh kahaan ki dosti hai bane hain dost naaseh,
Koi chaarasaaz hota koi ghamghuzar hota

Woe betide, my friendship, that the friends give pious advice and sermons they deliver.
I need someone on whose shoulders could I weep, who could allay my grief and my fears.

Kahoon kis se main keh kya hai shab-e-gham buri balaa hai,
Mujhe kya bura tha marana agar aikbaar hota

Whom should I tell that the night of sorrow is full of pangs.
I would not have resented the death, if it comes only once.

Huay mar keh ham jo ruswa huay kyun ka gharq-e-dariya,
Na kabhi janaza uthata na kahin mazaar hota

Disgraced, as I was after my death, why didn't I drown in a river or sea.
Neither, there would have been a funeral, nor tomb erected for me.

Yeh masaael-e-tasavvuf yeh tera bayan ghalib,
Tujhe ham wali samajhate Joh na badaakhwar hota.

The marvels of ethical problems and your statements full of meanings.
I would have counted you, "Ghalib" amongst dearest friends of God; if only, you had not been a lover of drinks.