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Apache SOAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Apache-SOAP User's FAQ
SOAP Frequently Asked Questions
Making Apache SOAP Invocations using SMTP SOAP FAQ

A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP 1.1
SoapWare.Org Webservice Resources
SOAP - WebServices Resource Center
SoapWare.Org : Directory
SOAP cookbook
developerWorks : XML zone : A simple SOAP client
A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP 1.1
A Young Person’s Guide to The Simple Object Access Protocol: SOAP Increases Interoperability Across Platforms and Languages -- MSDN Magazine, March 2000
Sun XTC xml Technology Center | Marketing Resources

web services

Web services from scratch with Visual Studio .Net
WebServices FAQ A Web Services Primer [Apr. 04, 2001]
Web Services architecture overview
IBM's Web Services architecture debuts
An architecture overview and interview with Rod Smith
developerWorks: Web services : WSDL processing with XSLT

apis & manuals


JAXM 1.0 Early Access




JAXP 1.1.1


Ant User Manual

servlets 2.3

Servlet 2.3


Working with XML: Table of Contents
Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
XML and Java Tutorial, Part I
XML and Java Tutorial, Part II-Servlets
XML and Java Tutorial, Part III-Swing Using XSL Formatting Objects - Why XML is Meant for Java? - Why XML is Meant for Java (Part 2) - XML, Java, and the Future of the Web
Tutorial 1: Overview of XML
Developers : XML : Library - Papers
Tutorial 2: Writing XML Documents
Tutorial 3: Parsing XML Using Java



A Gentle Introduction to XML-RPC
Using XML-RPC with Java
Exploring XML-RPC Feature (June 7th, 1999): Page 1
XML's Next Step -- PC Magazine Trends
XML-RPC for Newbies

Index of /~rahuls/jaxrpc/
Using XML-RPC for Web services: XML-RPC Middleware
developerWorks: Web services : Using XML-RPC for Web services: XML-RPC Middleware
The XmlRpc Archives
XML-RPC Specification
XML Resources for XML-RPC your XML Resource Directory to Applications, Tutorials, and more...
XMP-RPC links @
[Oct. 29, 1999]
Heads up: A key difference between SOAP and XML-RPC
XML-RPC validation suite
XML-RPC Validator
XML-RPC Implementations
XML RPC Library for Java


C# Corner: C# and .NET Developer's Network


Zvon XSL Tutorial
XSLT .com - Resource site for tools , events , books , tutorials and other resources related to xslt , xsl , xml

xml schema

XML Schema Part 0: Primer
XML Schema Part 1: Structures
XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes
IBM's Schema quality checker
Schema Tutorial by Roger Costello
Understanding XML Schemas [Jul. 01, 1999]
W3C XML Schema Tools Guide [Dec. 13, 2000]
Schema Tutorials
Schema Tools


DataChannel XJParser

wap & wml

forums is the WAP Discussion Forum
Nokia WAP/WML Discussion
Gelon's WAP forum
WAP Forum
Welcome to WAP.NET
The Nokia 7110 Forum

dev zone

Forum Nokia Developer Program
Ericsson Developers' Zone


WinWAP - Wap browser for windows
Welcome to WinWAP - Wap browser for windows
| wbmp_converter |


WAP hole Sun
WAPMine.Com | m*commerce strategy

WAP Resources - wapsites,handsets,gateways,phones,websites,jobs,browsers,wml,wmlscript,wbmp
The Independent Official WAP/WML FAQ (html version)
Welcome to
WAPDrive guide to wml tags
WAP Drive offers free wap hosting, gateways, news, faq's, phones, wml guides and editors - Home
Diseño sitios internet, Website design, WAP Services, WML, Concepción, Chile,
WAPJAG.COM - The Jaguar for WAP ! WAP Catalog / Searchengine
WAPLINKS, your source for everything WAP on the world wide web
GADDO.NET - Free Scripts, Resources, Articles, Tutorials and Links for WAP Developers
WAPsight - News and Info
Wappy - Intro
Orktopas Search Engine
WAP browser @
1477.COMsm Wireless Business Application Services


XML Corba Link
Rogue Wave Software


Adelard: XML Data Binding
XSLT .com - Resource site for tools , events , books , tutorials and other resources related to xslt , xsl , xml
Java API for XML Processing 1.1ea2
Sun's New XML Resource UNDERSTANDING Web Distributed Data Exchange
Welcome to Extensibility
XML Zone
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
XML@Sun Summit Bibliography and Links - Conformance Testing for XML Processors - Welcome to GOXML.Com. Search and Catalog XML
XML Library: Overview (Sun's)
The WDVL: XML: Extensible Markup Language
XML Standard Extension (Sun's)
Web Workshop - XML Home (Microsoft's)
Portable Data/Portable Code: XML & Java(TM) Technologies
XML and Java Technology Tackle Enterprise Application Integration
Introduction to XML, Java, databases and the Web
developerWorks : Java technology : Library - Papers
Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language - XML Suite
XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Specification

JAXP FAQ - J2EE vs. Microsoft.NET: A comparison of building XML-based web services - Designing Good XML Structure with Patterns.
SUN WebServices Positioning Guide
XML Protocol Comparisons
XML Authority
xmlhack: Java XML DOM APIs benchmarked
Working with XML
Mapping DTDs to Databases
Understanding ebXML, UDDI and XML/edi.
XML, Java, databases and the Web
JSR-000110 Java(tm) APIs for WSDL
JSR-000093 Java(tm) API for XML Registries 1.0 (JAXR)
JSR-000109 Implementing Enterprise Web Services
JSR-000101 Java(tm) APIs for XML based RPC The Visual Display of Quantitative XML [Feb. 27, 2002]
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


web tech


VBScript Tutorial
VBScript Language Reference
Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Object Model
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
JavaScript Guide


HTML 4.0 Specification
HTML Form Tags Examples
Frames in HTML documents
HTML with Style Tutorials -

ISPcheck- Dedicated Hosting Shopping Guide
Java Developer's Journal
DEVELOPERLIFE.COM brought to you by The Bean Factory.
Lynx Binaries
OMG's CORBA Academy Tutorial
UMass Computer Science Graduate Student Builds World's Tiniest Web-Server
The List (The Definitive ISP Buyers Guide)
Procmail Homepage
ED for Windows (ED4W) Free Trial Download
Welcome to WebRing!
Fast Engines - Fast.Serv FastCGI CGI server performance plug-in
Live PNG
Browser Plug-ins
Web Developer's Journal - Web News and Reviews for Suits, Ponytails, Prop Heads
DevEdge Online - IFC Developer Central
BrowserWatch Home Page Main Page


Oracle7 Getting Started for Windows NT

unix faqs

FAQ - Part 2 vi editor FAQ (Frequently Asked Question List), Part 1/2


GNU Make - Table of Contents
Makefile fundas

vcpp / mfc


Visual C++ Newsgroups
Windows Family Programming with C/C++
VCPP - The VCPP Mailing List
VCPP  - Visual C++  On-Line Resource
VC++ Links
Visual C++ Tips - Table of Contents


Experts Exchange: MFC Programming Topic Area
Poul A.Costinsky's Programmer's archive
Mike Blaszczak's Sample Programs
MFC Resources
Code Corner (MFC classes)
WFC - Win32 Foundation Classes
For MFC Developers Only....
ODBC Class Generator For Bulk Row Fetching
Tools - ODBC Class generator
MFC Tips & Tricks
CustomSoft's Web Page
Database - Tips: ODBC & Access database
SBN Mailing Lists
The MFC Professional -- Links
The MFC Professional - A Visual C++ programmer's dream come true
Showing progress in a Dialog
PropertySheet - Creating a Property Sheet Inside a Dialog
Miscellaneous MFC Topics
Miscellaneous - Table of Contents
MFC Programmer's SourceBook


DevEdge Online - CORBA/IIOP
DevEdge Newsgroups CORBA FAQ
Netscape Unofficial FAQ

specific client probs

Converting IE Mail, Address Book, and Bookmarks to Communicator
System32 Folder Opens When Logging into Windows NT

Netscape ISB for Java Programmer's Guide
Netscape ISB for Java Reference Guide
CORBA: Catching the Next Wave
DevEdge Online - Home Page
DevEdge Online - FAQs
DevEdge Online - Metadata
Troubleshooting netscape client
Index of all Client articles
Troubleshooting netscape server
Index of all Server articles
Package netscape.util
Package Index (netscape classes)
IFC Developer's Guide




Windows Update: Windows PowerToys - Tweak UI 1.1
Windows: Windows PowerToys - Command Prompt Here 1.1
Windows: Windows PowerToys - Explore From Here
Windows NT Scheduler
Arcana Development

windows nt

tips & tricks

loads of them ...

Windows Magazine Tips: :Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0
The Windows Zone! - The Windows Troubleshooting Site - Tips and Tricks
WinPlanet - Tips - Windowsnt - Misc
PC World Online: Here's How Windows Tips Archive

How do I disable AutoLogon?
How do I add a warning Logon message?
Q. How do I enable Tab to complete file names?
Change the colour used to display compressed files/directories?
Q. How do I change the colour used to display compressed files/directories?
How can I open a command prompt at my current directory in Explorer?
Q. How can I change the title of the CMD window?
Stop the "Click here to begin" message?
Q. How can I stop the "Click here to begin" message?
Shutdown button on the Welcome dialog box.
JSI Tip 0015 - Shutdown button on the Welcome dialog box. Windows NT ® Registry Hacks 0015
Don't display Last user in logon dialogue.
JSI Tip 0025 - Don't display Last user in logon dialogue. Windows NT ® Registry Hacks 0025
Displaying Your Company Logo (or other bitmap) during logon.
JSI Tip 0029 - Displaying Your Company Logo (or other bitmap) during logon. Windows NT ® Registry Hacks 0029
Add the Control Panel to the Start Menu?
Q. How do I add the Control Panel to the Start Menu?

Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
NT Professional Web Ring
The NT Toolbox
Windows NT Workstation Home Page
Windows NT Magazine - NT Software & Hardware How-to Solutions & Reviews
NTBugTraq - NTBugtraq Home


unix like tools

Unix for WINdows

Windows Magazine Online Home Page
WinPlanet - Front Door
WINSTUFF: Win95, NT 4.0 and ISDN Resources
Winstuff - The Excellent Website for Win95 and WinNT 4.0
Windows Galore
Undocumented Secrets for Windows 95/NT - The Windows Troubleshooting Site

knowledge base articles

Creating User and Group Reports in Windows NT
Q. How do I enable Tab to complete file names?

iis logging

Sane Solutions, LLC - NetTracker Log Analysis and Usage Tracking Software
Log Analysis and Log File Analyzer Software - Marketwave
Help Desk Services Computer and Network Support Home Page

iis security

IIS: Authentication & Security Features
FILE: Authentication and Security for Internet Developers
Internet Information Server FAQ
Making sure your server's secure
Configuring Security for Internet Information Server
IIS Passwords
Microsoft Security Advisor Program
IIS Virtual Web Sites
Identifying Users In IIS
Microsoft Product Security
Web Security
How to Set IIS 3.0 Authentication from the Registry
How to Turn Off IUSR_machinename Token Caching
IIS Common Registry Parameters
Security Implications of RDS 1.5, IIS 3.0 or 4.0, and ODBC
How to Troubleshoot Permissions in IIS 4.0
INFO: Security Ramifications for IIS Applications
FILE: Authentication and Security for Internet Developers
How Windows NT Challenge/Response Works
Authentication and Security for Internet Developers
Other IIS Security Features


How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack
Windows NT Option Pack Update for IIS Available for Download
New Window From Here Option in MMC May Cause Fatal Error

index server


Overview of Index Server
Object-Based Searching
How Index Server Works
The Types of Information Index Server Stores
The Types of Documents that Can Be Cataloged
Index Server in Action
The Index Server Query Language
Catalog Properties and Attributes
How to Perform Static Queries
Referencing the IDQ Script
Inside the IDQ Script
Inside the HTX Template
How to Perform Queries in ASP
The Limitations of Static Searches
Object-Based Searches
How to Perform Queries using ADO
OLE DB Providers
Connecting to Index Server
A Paged Result Set Example

online support

Using Index Server to Query and Display META TAG Information
Support Online from Microsoft Technical Support--Search Results
Unable to Return Custom HTML Properties in Result Set
Searching for One Character Words in Index Server
Microsoft Index Server Frequently Asked Questions
Index Server Will Not Index for Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) Files
Index Server Queries Don't Run
Index Server: How to Resolve Catalog Corruption
INDEX: Meta Tag Properties Not Retrieved from a Query
.HTM Files Are Indexed by Text Filter Instead of HTML Filter
How to Search for IIS, Index Server & Certif. Server Articles
How to Filter Certain Folders from Query Results

Indexing with Microsoft Index Server
Microsoft Index Server: Frequently Asked Questions
Microsoft Index Server Tips and Tricks
Index Server 1.1 Download
Index Server 1.1 Overview - Step1

site server

Microsoft Site Server 3.0 and Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition

personal web server

Peer Web Services
Downloads: Personal Web Server

universal data access strategy

Performance Comparisons (SQL Server)
ODBC Driver Manager Update
Microsoft ODBC White Papers
Microsoft Universal Data Access Download Page
Microsoft ODBC Technical Materials
Microsoft Universal Data Access

service packs

Where to Obtain the Latest Windows NT Service Pack
Contents of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3
NT Service Packs
Directory of /bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes/usa/nt40
Answers to Common Questions about Windows NT Service Packs

15 Seconds : Knowledge Base Index
Visual Basic Home
Visual Basic Language Center
Q126449 - Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) - Home Page
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) - Snap-ins Author Guide
SBN Magazine Home
MSDN Subscriber Downloads
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
Microsoft Web Services
Welcome to Office Update
Microsoft TechNet ITHome
SQL Server: Strategies for the Internet
Client/Server Database Management System
Internet Explorer Home
Writing common Unix and NT code
SunWorld - Writing common Unix and NT code - April 1997

analyst group

Patricia Seybold Group - E-Business Consultants & Thought Leaders - Home Page
The Burton Group
Welcome to D.H. Brown Associates Inc.
GartnerGroup Interactive Home

plug ins etc etc

Browser Plug-ins
Welcome to RealMedia !
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader

iAS/NAS Downloads
J2EE RI Overview
W3C Quality Assurance Activity Statement
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
Programming in C and C++
XML.COM - XML Working Group Reorganized
Hello IFC World
Software Development: Process
C++ Draft
November 1996 Working Paper
1997 C++ Public Review Document
The ISO/ANSI C++ Draft
Cetus Links: 8421 Links on Object-Orientation
SQL 92
Experts Exchange Home Page
Directory of /pub/faqs
Java Platform 1.2 API Specification
Personal Bookshelf
Computer Reference : Personal Bookshelf
Netscape FAQ




WF Mortgage Pay


Bank of America Mortgage
CCN Security

Welcome to First USA
Sign On To Online Banking
American Express/Logon to Account Access
AT&T Wireless Services Login
Discover® Card: Account Center Signon
Citibank India
Citibank Rupee Checking Account
Citibank Rupee Account Opening Form
Wells Fargo Home Page
Credit Cards Charge Cards Debit Cards Smart Cards Cash Cards Phone Cards ATM Cards Stored Value Cards Loyalty Cards Phone Cards- CardWeb
Technology Credit Union
MBNA - Offer Description Page


Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-based E-mail
Sign In to Yahoo! for user bants73
Welcome to!
BHARATMAIL - Free email service to India
ON-LINE POST - FREE Online Postal Service
Free Postal Mail - India Services
Welcome to MailCity!




Mortgage rates, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgage news and more


lawn & garden care

Home Lawn Watering Guide
Lawn and Turf
Lawn Care Forum
Gardening, Lawn Equipment Reviews

kitchen garden

The Kitchen Garden


Roses and Rose Lovers: The Rosarian
Roses FAQ Page

New to Gardening - Your lawn and garden store.
Common Mistakes to Avoid for New Gardeners - New to Gardening
Tips For New Gardeners - New to Gardening


The Sun, Sunnyvale's Newspaper | Manufactured Housing


Fengshui Seminars with Roger Green



"Vastu" and Numerology in Daily Life
Vastu & Numerology in Daily Life by Adityakumar Varman
"Vastu" and our Life Style - 1
Vastu & our Life Style by Adityakumar Varman
"Vastu" and our Life Style - 2
Vastu & our Life Style by Adityakumar Varman
"Vastu" and our Life Style - 3
"Vastu" and our Life Style - 4
The Interior : "Vastu" and our Life Style - 5
The Interior - Vastu and our Life Style by Adityakumar Varman
Veda House - 1
Veda House - 2
Vastu Guidelines
Vasti Disha
Vastu is not rules

Welcome to
Home Page
Vastu Living
Vastu shastra magazine on the net
Vastu Architecture
Modern Vastu Science - Vastu Shastra
Dr.Chandrakant Pathak's Astrological Website
Vaastu Shaastra Home Page


GE Showroom

Hometime: Home Improvement, Remodeling and Repair
How much can I borrow?
Am I better off renting?
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Product Fit Calculator
Alain Pinel Realtors Core Page
Century 21 Real Estate Corporation
CENTURY 21® Office Information
ListingAlert! - Property information
ServiceMagic - Super Category

visa & gc

U. S. Mission to India
Immigration Law
Jackson & Hertogs: Immigration Quota
Visa Bulletin
Processing Times for INS and the Labor Department
AMPU Guide: INS Sample Citizenship Questions


Quantaray 100-300mm F4.5-6.7 zoom lens
Sigma 100-300mm f/4.5-6.7 UC
Tamron AF100-300mm F/5-6.3
SIGMA Lenses
The Web service
The Lens an Authorized Online Dealer for Canon, Pentax, Tamron & Sigma.
CAMERA LENS DESCRIPTIONS - Photo, video, audio and more: Great prices. Free shipping.
Third Party Lenses Related Postings and Notes
Third Party Lens Manufacturers
Various Lens Tests
The Art of Photography
A Glossary of Close-Up Terminology
A Glossary of Exposure Terminology
A Glossary of Film Terminology
A Glossary of Filter Terminology
A Glossary of Flash Terminology
A Glossary of Lenses and Focusing Terminology
A Glossary of Lighting/Light Metering Terminology
A Glossary of Miscellaneous Photographic Terms

desi movies & music

news & stuff

All India Internet Radio
DOORDARSHAN 2000 -- Home Page
All India Radio -- Home Page - live ball-by-ball scores, test matches, ODIs, news, merchandise of cricket, statistics, match reports, news, schedules and photos

personal collection

Hindi Movie Songs
India Station - top hindi bollywood songs,bollywood actresses,countdowns sites
Harit's Collection of Real Audio Music Sites
Hindi songs and real audio by the Ultimate Desi Songs Page
Sandy's Audio Links
Arun Verma's music page
Amit's RealAudio Links

urdu shairi


Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib
Ghalib - Poet and Poety -The Ghazal
Deewan -E- Ghalib
Mirza Ghalib
Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
The Ghalib Society - a Mirza Ghalib discussion group
Gulzar's Mirza Ghalib: Jagjit & Chitra Singh
Urdu poetry Mirza Ghalib interpretation ..
sahra by ghalib : November 1998
Ghazals of Ghalib
eid-ul-fitr Feburary 1998

What is a Ghazal?
What is a Ghazal?
Index of Poets : Urdu country
Ukindia Urdu Shairi Page
bazm-e-Urdu: ghazal by Raffiq Sheikh
anam - pehla safaH--- Urdu NazmeiN
Urdu Dictionary in HTML
Ghazal Links
Kaavyaalaya: The House of Hindi Poetry

songs of amitabh bachchan

dekhaa ek Kvaab to ye silasile hue
do lafzo.n kii hai dil kii kahaanii
kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n, khayaal aataa hai.n ##from the movie##
maut tuu ek kaviitaa hai
o saathii re, tere binaa bhii kyaa jiinaa
pyaar hame.n kis mo.D pe le aayaa
tere mere milan kii ye rainaa, nayaa koI gul khilaayegii barase bhiige chunaravaalii, barase
simaTii sii sharamaaii sii, kis duniyaa se tum aaii ho
terii bi.ndiyaa re aay hAy sajan bi.ndiyaa le legii terii ni.ndiyaa
ye kahaa.N aa gaye ham yuu.nhii sAth sAth chalate

Welcome to Desi Music - Your Desi Entertainment Site!
Teenstation ***
I Love India Jukebox
Indiatime Musiclink
India FM Main Site
AIR : Music
Bollywod Videos
Bollywood Heaven
Radio Sargam - Bollywood Entertainment Station
Indian CyberTheater on The Web!!
Tip Top Movie Theater - No. 1 Indian CyberTheater on The Web!!
Sriny's Bollywood Boulevard
Kishore Da
Navrang - Bhajans, Ghazals
Lyrics to My Heart Will Go On

tripod homepage

Tripod - Log In
Arun Gupta bharat ki rajdhani se

web design

ZSPC Super Color Chart
All About GIF89a
Non-Dithering Colorsby Value
Top ten sites - Developer.Com
Oracle WebServer 2.0
Web to Finger Gateway
Brett's Web to Finger Gateway
Doug's WWW Finger Gateway

Create a Form
Homepage Building Help
Upload many files
menka sub-directory
Move multiple files


Welcome to the American Embassy in New Delhi
Mumbai Consulate



American Airlines |
Northwest Airlines WorldWeb Homepage
Continental Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Vacations - A Symbol Of Freedom

places to go


Welcome to Suntrips!
Outrigger Waikoloa Beach Resort, Kohala Coast, Big Island
Royal Kahana Hotel, Kahana, Maui
Hawaii Travel, More For Less - Travel the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii Maui, Kona and Kauai Condos, Oahu Hotels and Condminiums.
Discount Hawaiian Vacation Packages at the Outrigger Palms at Wailea, Wailea, Maui - From Travel Hawaii, low-cost Hawaiian travel package and honeymoon specialists
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Beach Resort - Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii


Yosemite National Park
Yosemite West
Virtual Yosemite
Yosemite Lodging, Yosemite Vacation Rentals- Places In Paradise - YOSEMITE ACCOMMODATIONS
Yosemite National Park Travel Packets, save time and money!
Yosemite AreaGuide- AreaGuide for the cities throughout the Yosemite area.
The Official Ahwahnee Hotel Homepage - Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park hotels and lodging in Yosemite California
The Redwoods In Yosemite, Vacation Lodging and Rentals
Yosemite Vacation Rentals
Lodging in Yosemite National Park

The Tech Museum of Innovation | Tech Museum Home
Dive Into Summer Fun at Raging Waters!
Mystery Spot
Whitewater Rafting with Whitewater Voyages

camping grounds

ReserveAmerica - Manresa SB Campround Map
ReserveAmerica - Pfeiffer Big Sur SP Campround Map

Our City Forest: Green Grants
US Gas Price Watch
World Famous San diego Zoo Visitor Information
Welcome to the World-Famous San Diego Zoo
J a r a B a c h k e. c o m
ATV's at the Pismo Sand Dunes
IRS - The Digital Daily: Income Tax Forms, Instructions, Publications, Regulations, and other stuff
Chitresh Das Dance Company and Chhandam School of Kathak Dance
Immigrants Support Network
USINS INS Internet Home Page
Hindu Temple and Community Center, South Bay
Eros Cinema
Yellowstone Net -- Welcome to Yellowstone National Park!
Mount Shasta
AMC Sixplex - Sunnyvale : Timezones
Wards Web Site
Hindu Community and Cultural Center, Livermore
Shop Wal-Mart Online
Costco Online
O'Sullivan, furniture, Workcenters
San Francisco Cow Palace

indian sites


The Times of India
The Times of India - Metropolis Delhi
The Hindustan Times
Indian Express India's Homepage (News, views and much more from India)
The Statesman
Deccan Chronicle
Welcome to Deccan Chronicle
The Asian Age on the Web
The Hindu
The Hindu on Indiaserver : Home Page
Doordarshan -- Real Video Broadcast


Nirula's Hotel
Delhi, India
Government of Delhi - Home Page
Welcome to Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
World Guide To Vegetarianism - New Delhi, India
Cafe Wired World Start Page
Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India, New Delhi, India
Welcome to the Park Hotels


religious stuff

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, INDIA, dedicated to Lord Ganesh
Hindu Temples Reference Center ( 4-Sep-1996)
Hindu Web Universe: Worship : Puja
Bhajan Kiirtan
Here are the Aums

Hindu Marriage (Vivaha)
The Hindu Universe
Vishwa Hindu Parishad - Worldwide
India Charity
Welcome to Desi Party Zone
Indian Festivals and Holidays in 1998
Delhi Zone: Food: Restaurants: Multi Cuisine

more links

India Daily
IndiaConnect - Connects India to the World
India Currentaffairs
Jadoo, India's First Official Search Engine
IndiaWorld - India's Largest Internet Family
News India Times
Welcome to Little India
Desi Net: An e-mail net focusing on desi culture
It's Indiatime
Indian Links

travel to india

Travel Agents in Bay Area for India tickets
Things Indian - San Francisco Bay Area travel agents for India tickets

travel agencies

Astral Travels Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Welcome to Com-For Travel
We consolidate for Major Airlines offering the Best Nett Fares in the Travel Industry
Discover India - Brought to you by the Ministry of External Affairs
GLOBE TRAVELS - Discount Air Tickets
Indian tour operators and travel agents - Services International
India Travel Guide
A&AWorld Travel

Travel Spirit International
CalTIA: Welcome to the California Travel Industry Association
Welcome to Preview Travel
We consolidate for Major Airlines offering the Best Nett Fares in the Travel Industry
Destination Travel
Agency List for India Related Travel


Returning to India - [Be proud to be an Indian]
Lonely Planet - Destination India

etc etc

Asha-Berkeley: Partake: ICM/AT&T Association Loyalty Program
Asha For Education
Worldwide Wedding Customs
Chitrakoot Art Gallery
IndiaConnect: Pen Pals Club List (21 - 30)
IndiaConnect: Pen Pals Club List (31-40)


Welcome to Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
Central Board of Excise and Customs, India
One India Online Services
Indian Corporate Gateway
The Reserve Bank of India Home Page
Indian Space Research Organization
DOE , Government of India Home Page
BHARAT RAKSHAK - Consortium of Indian Military Websites
DOORDARSHAN 1998 -- Home Page
Indian Handicraft
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.,India


Punjab link
Bhangra Blowout Home Page
streetsound bhangra
India vs. Pakistan : South-Asian Heavyweight Championship
Indo-American Community Service Center - The First & Only Portal for Indian Parents Worldwide!
India Special Weapons
24 Hour TV Channel Online
Welcome to the Memorial site
Test status for Firefly
Webdunia - News,Infotainment and Culture-Worlds First Hindi Portal
Indo-American Community Service Center
The Mahatma Gandhi Homepage
Feroz Khan- A Distinguished Indian Theatre Director of highly acclaimed plays
Consular Passport & Visa Division-Homepage, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt.of India, Real Indian...Real Easy shopping for Indian Recipes, Groceries, Spices, Music, Health and Beauty, and more. - Welcome to India HelpDesk - IndiaMasala - India's different EZine
Yahoo! Clubs aclubforallproudindians
FHRAI, India( Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India)
Kashmir - A Paradise
Welcome to IndiaServer
Press Release: The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1998
siliconindia -- The Magazine for Professionals of Asian-Indian Origin
Welcome to EROS Entertainment Web Site
Indian Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
India Update from Satyam - News and views round the clock
Embassy of India, Washington, DC
ON-LINE POST The World's First FREE Online Postal Service

stocks Brokers: Broker Ratings
CNBC Analyst Rating
Datek Online - Yahoo 10 Free Trades!
Nasdaq Broker/Dealers - Your World Leader for trading Stock Splits. Investment advisory newsletter stocks options traders equities Investment advisory newsletter stocks options traders equities
CNNfn - the financial network


Merrill Lynch (

Nasdaq Trader
What is the Cutting Edge?
Welcome to Cutting Edge Stock Info
ClearStation : Welcome to ClearStation! - Your Eye on the Market
StockMaster Login Page
Market Guide Inc. - The benchmark for quality financial information.
EDGAR Form Pick
US Securities and Exchange Commission
Free Stock Quotes and News - Free Real
Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine
StockMaster Top Stock Usage
The Nasdaq Stock Market Home Page


The official website of Department of Computer Sciences - Delhi University
DTEA Senior Secondary School, Mandir Marg
Hansraj College
Department of Computer Science, Delhi University Alumni Registry
DU MCA - Home Page

kiths & kilns

Menka's Home
Ravi Anamika's home page
Rajeev Gupta's Home Page
Anurag's Home on the Web
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travel sites

Priceline -- The best way to save! NAME YOUR OWN PRICE for airline tickets, hotel rooms, new cars, home mortgages, home equity loans and refinancing - only at
Travelocity tickets, hotel accommodations and car reservations online
Orbitz: Home
BananaTravel Home of the CheapFareFinder
Travel Zoo
Travelzoo - Your Channel for Travel Deals
Cheap Tickets
SVL Cheap Tickets: Discount Airline Tickets Since 1986
Welcome to Preview Travel

Sierra-at-Tahoe, Lake Tahoe's best ski and snowboard resort | Directions
Heavenly Ski Resort
Soda Springs Winter Resort - Home - Soda Springs, CA - Lake Tahoe California/Nevada
Bear Valley


United Airlines
Singapore Airlines
SIA Americas
Page d'accueil Air France
KLM Jumpstation
Continental Airlines
Jet Airways
Indian Airlines Home Page


Frankfurt-Online: Das Stadtinformationssystem


Arrowguide - Discount Air Fares
Bonanza Travel
Izis Travel Ltd
Villas to rent throughout Europe and the Caribbean. International Chapters.
Association of British Travel Agents (ABTAnet)
Abbey Travel
fly-4-less flights-direct flight-tickets flight-searchers gatwick-flights freephone-travel our-shop
Association of British Travel Agents (ABTAnet)



Santa Clara County Parks - Coyote Creek Parkway
Ride Guide: Old Haul dirt ride
Ride Guide: Page Mill Road/LaHonda
Ride Guide: Mount Diablo ride

Cyber Cyclery -- the internet bicycling hub -- for bicycle riders around the world!
California Bike Rides Online
California Bike Rides Online, California's most complete source of road and offroad bike ride information.
San Francisco Bay Area Bike Rides
Mt Hamilton ride
The National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) in Action
MTBInfo: The mountain biking information source
San Jose Living: Parks
Mountain Biking Trails in the San Francisco Bay Area

tickets to india

Kohinoor World Travels
Indian Airfare
Travelocity tickets, hotel accommodations and car reservations online
Innovative Travel Services, Inc. - Home Page
Special Air Fares to India -


Mauritius Welcomes You
MTPA Entry Requirements
Mauritius Info Home Page
Guide Line on Mauritius
Wonderful information in Mauritius
Belle Mare Golf hotel Resort - Ile Maurice
Ile Maurice - Mauritius Island - Océan Indien - Indian Ocean
Mauritius Yellow Pages, professional business directory and guide for visitors.

sexual advice

Society for Human Sexuality
Tantra --thrive@passion
Muscle & Fitness : Condom Knowledge
Sexscape.Org - Welcome to the ORG
Self Help & Psychology Magazine Article: "Spicing Up" Your Sex Life
s a f e r s e x . o r g | an online journal of safe sexuality
G-Spot FAQ, part 1
For Men Only

Frankfurt-Online: Das Stadtinformationssystem
fun@sun - Discount Tickets Sales Onsite : Home
1-800-FLORALS - Phillip's Flowers / Florist
Cathay Pacific
! Adventure Sports Online, a great outdoor resource for whitewater rafting, bicycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing, climbing and canoeing
Love Happens -- Home of Love

etc etc

free greeting cards

Greeting Cards by 123Greetings. Greeting cards, postcards,love
E-greetings Digital Postcards and Animations-The Electronic Alternative to Greeting Cards!
India Card Shop - Send Greeting Cards to India
Hallmark Connections Shop
My Greeting Card
Greeting Cards
Free Electronic Postcards from
Greet Someone
Virtual Cards, flowers, Holidays, Gifts , kisses, hugs, movies, sports
Greetings Unlimited
Free Email Greeting Cards from Greetings Unlimited 123, Email greeting cards, reminder service, Electronic Greeting Card, animated cards
REGARDS.COM FREE Electronic greeting cards - Holiday Cards - Greeting Cards
E-Cards - Cool, Free Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Virtual Bouquets, Postcards
Animated Musical Greeting Card Store
Animated Musical Greeting Card Store - for your birthday and holiday needs

tax filing

IRS - The Digital Daily: Income Tax Forms, Instructions, Publications, Regulations, and other stuff
Yahoo! Tax Center

tax cut Calculators: Bush Tax Plan: How Much Will You Save?
Tax Calculator -- Heritage


Indian Domestic Season, 1999-2000

world cup 99

CricInfo - The Home of Cricket On The Internet
Super Six Scenarios By Amlesh
World Cup 1999 on CricInfo Points Table
World Cup Cricket - 1999
World Cup Records
World Cup Statistics
Indian Cricket Home Page
The 1999 World Cup in England - Live on CricInfo
World Cup final tickets entry acknowledgement
Cricket World Cup 1999
Hungama Player Contest
CricInfo Commissioner.COM Login
World Cup '99 Forums

Indian Cricket Zone
Live Scorecards on CricInfo
CricInfo - The Home of Cricket On The Internet
Sahara Cup in Canada (Ind, Pak) - Sep 1998
The Times of India - Cricket Update
Brian Lara Cricket from Codemasters

cell phones

ePhones - Communications for the Future
Cell Mania
Welcome to - Cellular Phones, Pagers, & Wireless Cell Phone Accessories
Cellular phone information from
Online cell phone resources from
Cellular phone information from
Nextel i1000plus
Motorola Talkabout T8167 (Sprint PCS)
Samsung SCH-8500 - Silver (Sprint PCS)


Vols Pages for WALK 2000
CRY Bay Area Action Center
Pledge Drive Histogram
Action Centers
Online Pledge
CRY Fliers
Welcome to VolunteerMatch
CRY Flier
Cry Walk 2000 - Take some time out

online books

Amazon's Biggest Selection
Best Book Buys
Best Book Buys helps you search for books and compare prices at 23 online bookstores
Barnes & Noble
Fat Brain - Online bookstore specializing in professional books, interactive training and certification -- Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates!
Book Pool
Java Developer's Journal


American Society of Dermatalogic Surgery

American Society For Dermatologic Surgery Home Page
Procedures Dermatologic Surgeons Perform
Laser Treatments Improve Life for Those With Birth Marks

American Academy of Dermatology
WRAL OnLine - Tissue Expander
Avoiding Problems With Tissue Expanders
Plastic Surgery - Techniques - Methodist Health Care System, Houston, Texas Dermatology Search Engine and Dermatology Custom Medline Searching skin infection skin cancer pain skin redness acne skin tags calluses moles corns foot corns athlete's foot itch itchy skin hair loss alopecia contact dermatitis yeast infection candida cure psoriasis keloid squamous cell carcinoma basal cell carcinoma cancer SKIN INFECTION SKIN CANCER PAIN SKIN REDNESS ACNE SKIN TAGS CALLUSES MOLES CORNS FOOT CORNS ATHLETE'S FOOT ITCH ITCHY SKIN HAIR LOSS ALOPECIA CONTACT DERMATITIS YEAST INFECTION CANDIDA CURE PSORIASIS KELOID SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA BASAL CELL CARCINOMA CANCER
Cosmetic Dermatology -- Medical Specialties and Medline Search Engine
The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology



The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
Smilies Unlimited
Internet Smileys.... ^_^

GIF Wizard Home Page
Download Jasc Paint Shop Pro
GIF Movie Gear
Smile! By


Kaiser Permanente California
Thyroid Home Page - Patient Information
Physicians and Practitioners - By Location and Specialty



Installing the Spotless System
OneStop: KJava

3Com/Palm Computing - Palm V Support
CNET for the PC - PalmPilot
CNET for the PC - Survival Guides
3Com/Palm Computing - Web Resources
3Com/Palm Computing - Palm Mail FAQ


Getting Started Development
Development Zone Home
Development Resources and Training
Development Support
3Com/Palm Computing - Development Support
HotSync Tips
3Com/Palm Computing - HotSync Tips




Sanjeev Kapoor
The Indian Food Guide for Indian Recipes and more...
Tarla Dalal
Almost Everything About India & Indians Abroad
Tarla Dalal >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Great Food
Welcome to the Recipe Guide
YumYum.Com - 20,000 recipes and more!
Culinary Network - Home of ChefNet
Daawat.Com--Indian, Chinese, Western Cooking Recipes, Shopping, Restaurants....
Welcome to AMUL - The Taste of India
Vegetarian Information Sheet - Christmas Recipes
The Femina Gourmet Collection Shopping Home Page
Indian Cuisine

ken starr's report

Independent Counsel's Report to the U.S. House of Representatives
Starr report floods the Web

jokes / masti


Planet Bollywood: Movie Reviews


Mad About Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit - (7 links) Actresses
Yash Raj Films
Yash Raj Films...Films Forever...Yash Chopra presents Indian entertainment as never before.
Planet Bollywood
Indiamovie Discussion and Rating Database

On-Line Reservations at PVR
Hollywood Online: 70th Academy Awards®
Priya Village Road Show : PVR
IndiaBollywood - Photogallery

Garfield's Official Web Site
Yahoo! Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun:Jokes:Elephant Jokes

myths & folklores

Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive

spare the air / bike day

Rides OnLine
Spare the Air Home Page
Welcome Page
Altamont Commuter Express
Bay Area Transit Information
V.T.A. Schedule Information Menu
Welcome to S.M.A.R.T. Sun Microsystems Alternatives Resources for Transportation


US Immigration and Naturalization Service Home


US State Department - Services - Visas
Department of State
Department of Labor
Migration News
General articles on Immigrant Issues.
United States Information Agency
Attorney Murthy : U.S. Immigration Law

Visa Bulletin


Welcome to McDonald's


DICE Job - wve.SS935
DICE Job - wve.J10111
DICE Job - saca.7008
DICE Job - ftr.242232
DICE Job - jsource.081
DICE Job - ftr.242244
DICE Job - surfsoft.1110
DICE Job - surfsoft.1114
DICE Job - ondemand.8000
DICE Job - intelcon.1303
DICE Job - ftr.242251
DICE Job - ftr.242238
Prospective Employees



The Java Series   . . . from the Source
O'Reilly Java Center -- News
Java Swing
Java Developers Almanac Books, Music & More! -- Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates!


Google - Search made simple.

london school of economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science
Electronic Journals Subject Listing


VSNL Gateway Internet Access Service

Crossword Puzzle Maker!
Map of USA
JPEG image 1116x1432 pixels
A trio of trails where the riding is fine all winter long
01/09/98: sports&rec: little_black_book: wet-weather mountain biking: sanfrancisco.sidewalk
Titanic downloads
Titanic - Present Day
Download mIRC, the mIRC FAQ or the IRC Intro
BAR Consumer Guide to Buying a Used Car
Wonderful Bike FAQ
Bicycle FAQ by Vince Cheng to answer all your Tech and general biking questions. Tell you haow to fix a flat and how to bunnyhop.
Ford's Dealer Locator
Department of Motor Vehicles
Wells Fargo Online Application Center
Welcome to Hallmark
CTBTO PrepCom Home Page
Baby Names (Indian)
What's in YOUR Name? - demonstration analysis
Submit a Name to NBNI
Hindu Names
Veripost - Your E-mail Change of Address Solution and Directory


Image 360x480 pixels
Image 504x378 pixels
Image 360x480 pixels

menka : What to Pack for the Hospital Baby / Resource Center


UC Berkeley Extension, Continuing Adult Education, University of California, San Francisco Bay Area
Programming Languages & Object-Oriented Programming
Enrollment Information
Professional Sequence in Java Programming
Oracle FAQ : SQL
Oracle FAQ : Views
Another C Faq
C Faq

US Gas Price Watch
Zodiacal Zephyr: Acrophonology
Buddha Images /Myanmars.NET-Myanmar(Burma)
ActiveUSA -- America's Source for Participatory Sports
People Fax
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
Contributing Bicycle Shops




ServiceDesk 6.2 - Launch Page
SunTEA 3.2
NetAdmin 2.0
Salomon Smith Barney Benefit ACCESS
Rosenbluth Travel@Sun
SunReserve v1.0
Regis: Welcome to Regis
Vacation Tool
Sun Badge
Services / Resources
Welcome to Paycheck
SunIT: v3.0
Corporate Immigration Home Page
Support: Voice Services
Human Resources Home Page
Sun's BEST Program
Sun Equipment Advantage (SEA) Program
Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement
Travel@Sun Departures USA
[DSG HANDBOOK : MTS requirements]
Global Change Notification Tool v1.1
Capital Asset Management System - Americas Production
Sunware Catalog 1999


Sun Standards - Hot Topics Archive
Java(TM) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition - DTDs
Using the RealMedia Auto-Install Script
Sun Software Intranet Home
Real-Time XSLT
SSG - Initiatives: Jupiter Launch
The Distributed Testing Infrastructure (DTI)
AnswerBook2: Personal Library
AnswerBook2: Personal Library
Java Object Serialization Specification
Jcov Overview
Javaweb Home Page
SunPublish Home Page
Solaris Software Developers' Toolbox
Bugtraq+ Documentation
Sybase SQL Surfer Demo Page Sun WorkShop TeamWare User's Guide
Developer Environments & Tools Home Page
Javasoft East Quality Engineering.
SQE Web Page
JDK Home Page
Sun's Year 2000 Home Page
XEmacs at Sun - Home Page
The Swing! Engineering Home Page
Document Conversion Service

solaris 2.6 user's collection

SUN product documentation including manuals, guides, answer books & man pages
Welcome to Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide Collection

fit / fun @ sun

Bay Area FIT@SUN
Sun Microsystems perksatwork
fun@sun - Discount Tickets Sales Onsite


Santa Clara Campus
Real Estate & the Workplace

Postscript Sun Building Maps
Lab Queue
Web Site Statistics for
Notaries Public Listing
J2SE East Web Page
SunWeb - Sun's Intranet Home Page
SPP CQI 2000
Conferencing Services
Dale McDuffie's Home Page
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems
Netscape Communicator 4.51 Project Page
Welcome to 'indians/indians_ca' alias page ..
Focal Review Policy and Guidelines
Ergonomics page
Sun's Year 2000 Home Page
Certification homepage
Evans Marketing Reports - SunLibrary
Financial Planning and Analysis Home Page
Stanford Center for Professional Development
JDK Tools Team Home Page
J2EE Conferences
Welcome to SunBalance Online!
Stock Plan Administration - Home Page
Using RealAudio On SWAN
GCN: Outage Board Master
India Software Operation


poa apis

Welcome to
Java(R) 2 Platform API Specification
ENS - Solaris Tip Sheets
SCCS Cheat Sheet
AnswerBook2: Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide
Products & APIs
XML@Sun Summit Bibliography and Links
Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents
What's New at the Solaris Developer Connection
Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing




CORBA Test Plan for Merlin/Ladybird
Merlin Documentation
Patch Tool
CORBA SQE in Merlin
JDK Bug Filing Guidelines
Software Quality Engineering Policies and Procedures
Reliability test frame work
Merlinb Beta Viability Review
DTF Schedule
Tagging / Untagging Bugs
DTF User Guide
Merlin (J2SE v1.4) Install Specification
Merlin features
Solaris(TM) Patches
Code Coverage Rollout
64bit merge workspace testing
DTF Jtreg Demo Instruction
Merlin Test Plan Reviews Status Page
Merlin Test Plan Reviews
Merlin J2SE Engineering Status Review Meetings
Merlin Feature Tracking Page
CCC Decisions for Merlin
Survival Guide for Testing HotSpot and HotSparc
Merlin Marketing Page
What's new with Merlin ?
Patch Descriptions Article 105491


omg issues

OMG zip file issues
description of unknown_adapter


CORBA Products
Online CORBA documents
CORBA Reference Guide
Newsgroups at Inprise
Configuring Your News Reader
CORBA for Beginners
Information about Michi Henning


Waste Not, Want Not -- A Proposal for Shorter IORs
Binding in CORBA
A proposal for shorter IORs
Binding, Migration & Scalability in CORBA

techie articles

Java 1.2 extends Java's distributed object capabilities - JavaWorld - April 1998
POA specs
CORBA meets Java
JavaSoft to solve RMI's interoperability problem - JavaWorld - July 1997
RMI's future cloudy as Sun tries to please CORBA partners


Object References [UPDATED!]
Name Service
Multi-threaded Architectures [UPDATED!]
How to do Client/Server with CORBA [UPDATED!]
Table of Contents --- Overview


The Reading Room of OMG
Teach Yourself CORBA In 14 Days -- Table of Contents
The Essential Distributed Objects Survival Guide
CORBA-Fundamentals and Programming--by Dr. Jon Siegel
Managing Transactions in a Distributed Environment
Integrated Transaction Service
Tutorial on Distributed Objects

Object Serialization Examples
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
CORBA Survey by Ralph
Everett Anderson
Overvew of CORBA
CORBA Success Stories
VisiBroker 3.2 for Java and C++ Solution Sheet
INPRISE Corporation: VisiBroker Product Documentation in PDF
INPRISE Corporation: VisiBroker for Java 3.3 Books Online
Distributed Object Computing In The Internet Age
Managing Transactions in a Distributed Environment
Integrated Transaction Service


CORBA Specifications
CORBA Specifications
Initial Naming Service (INS)
Harold Carr's Sun Internal Home Page
Object Serialization Specification
Java IDL Extension
JTS Javadoc
Generated Documentation (Untitled)


rip-test archive

CORBA Test Runs
CORBA Test Plan for Merlin
CORBA @ SIPTech, India
Interceptors Implementation Notes and Schedule
GIOP 1.2 Design and Work Schedule
POA Test Runs
JSSE 1.0.1 Guide
Microsoft Project Exported Information
JCK Test Development Status For Kestrel
GIOP 1.2 Design and Work Schedule

online techie books

Open Source Development With CVS


Programming With EJB, JTS, and OTS: Home

SunLibrary's Online Bookstore
Check your Fatbrain account Sun WorkShop TeamWare 2.1 Collection
The Java Series
Using JMS in the J2EE Reference Implementation
AnswerBook2: Sun WorkShop TeamWare User's Guide
AddALL book search and price comparison - Online bookstore specializing in technical books, interactive training and certification


The Java New Employee FAQ
Employee Benefits Guide
Sample Benefits Home page
CUP 01
ENS Cupertino System Administration
CUP 02
ENS Cupertino System Administration
Doug Cramer
Postscript Sun Building Maps
sccs cheat sheet


Bug Priorities


Postscript Sun Building Maps
Cupertino Building Maps
Menlo Park Building Maps


Benefits-U.S. Holiday Schedule
Prudential HealthCare - Provider Look-Up
Weekly Menu
MRO Purchasing: Business Cards, Stationery & Forms
Salary Quartiles
Compass Information -
SunWeb - Grant Increases
Microsoft's Marketing Strategy in the Middle-Tier



SQE Projects - Firefly
SQE Test Schedule for Firefly
Test status for Firefly
JCK Test status for Firefly
Firefly Test Matrix - OJI on NS6 (Mozilla)


Laydbird (J2SE 1.3.1) Test Plan



Test status for Kestrel/Linux | Red Hat Support
JCK Test status for Kestrel/Linux | Red Hat Support
OneStop: SWAN Linux User Resources
Linux Self-Service Site | Platforms

Solaris JDKs and JREs
Kestrel Release
Solaris(TM) Patches
CCC Decisions for Kestrel



Java(TM) Remote Method Invocation
Java Discussion Forums - RMI over IIOP


EJB Server Architecture
Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Documentation
Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Technology
Enterprise JavaBeans Tutorial

The Java 2 Enterprise Edition Home Page
Stuart's J2EE Test Execution page
The Enterprise Bulletin
J2EE Glossary
Freeze process for J2EE
The Java 2 Enterprise Edition Home Page
EJBHome - The Home Of Enterprise JavaBeans
OneStop: Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Enterprise Transaction Services Home Page
JavaServer Pages - Specification 0.92
JPE Program Review Schedule
J2EE Tech meeting schedule
Java(tm) 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition Technical Documentation
Using JMS in the J2EE Reference Implementation
Solutions Marketplace


A Component Engineering Cornucopia by Gopalan Suresh Raj
The Advanced COM/DNA Tutorial by Gopalan Suresh Raj
The Advanced Java Tutorial by Gopalan Suresh Raj

app servers

Application Servers
Java Application Servers - The Contenders
Inprise Application Server 4 Features and Benefits
Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Supporters
Application Server Comparison Matrix


Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) FAQ
Enterprise JavaBeans Tutorial - Links
EJBportal: The Ultimate Developer's Resource for Enterprise JavaBeans Technology


JavaBeans Tutorial
Persistent Beans
Do it the "Nescafé" way -- with freeze-dried JavaBeans - JavaWorld - January 1998
JavaBeans: Development Tools
JavaBeans: The Only Component Architecture for Java TM
Java Beans - API Definitions
HotJava(tm) HTML Component 1.1.1
JavaBeans Spec
JavaBeans Documentation


Live Software Support
Re: IIS 4.0 and JRun 2.1.3 compatabilty by Tim Delaney
JRun Servlet Engine
Build servlet-based enterprise Web applications - JavaWorld - December 1998
Welcome to Servlet Central
Java-Apache Project Developer's Site
JavaServer Group
Servlet Powered Servers, Servlet Hosting, and Servlet-enabling Tools
New Atlanta Communications
Live Software: Servlet Resource Center
New Atlanta Communications

oracle jdbc driver

JDBC DRIVERS, version 7.3.4 (Download)
white paper
Oracle's JDBC Drivers Accessing the Oracle RDBMS from Java
Web Provider - JDBC
Oracle's JDBC Drivers Accessing the Oracle RDBMS from Java
Oracle's JDBC Drivers Using Thin JDBC with Net8 Connection Manager



WebLogic Tengah -- Release 3 Features
KonaSoft Inc - PRODUCTS
Konasoft Enterprise Server download
DataBroker and OPENjdbc (Ikinetics)
ODBC Driver -- Legacy Data Access from Simba Technologies
Sources for ODBC and JDBC Drivers
Data Access Via ODBC and JDBC
Choosing a JDBC driver (weblogic)
Download IDS JDBC Driver
Trifox Inc. -- Web Site
JDBC(tm) Drivers (javasoft)

WebLogic Products - Setting the standard for Java application servers
Using JDBCTest
JDBC API information and Software for download
The JDBC(tm) database access API
Java Database Programming
Links to pages describing ODBC drivers

LesConcierges: Extranet home
Software Chief Technology Office Home Site
NameFinder (namefinder.eng)
Duke around the World
SunLabs Lightspeed Orgtool
Patch Tool
HR Website - SalTool Help
Cellular Services
GIF image 391x570 pixels
immigration_chat: List of Folders
Freeware for Solaris
Mantra of Java exit codes




1.4 APIs
1.3 APIs

Java 2 Platform SE v1.3
Java(R) 2 Platform API Specification
Package Index (All packages)
Java Mail
Java 3D api
Generated Documentation (Untitled)
JavaBeans(TM) Activation Framework
Servlet api
Package Index



JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - October 1998
Java Vision
Welcome to SIGS.COM

Internet World: The Voice of E-Business and Internet Technology
Dr. Dobb's Web Site
Microsoft Interactive Developer
Welcome to
Web Developer's Journal - Web News and Reviews for Suits, Ponytails, Prop Heads
WebServer OnLine Magazine
WWWiz Magazine
Welcome to
WEB 500 ® ® Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and JavaScript, and More!
eRetail.Net - News for October 7,1998
THE WEB Magazine Online
Web Review
Web Review - Is Image Everything? Adobe ImageStyler Says Yes
Internet / Magazines / Computers -
Internet / Magazines / Internet -

server technologies

jsp & servlets


Generated Documentation (Untitled)


Using Scripting Elements
java tutorial help resource only at (1 of 2)
java tutorial help resource only at (2 of 2)
Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture - JavaWorld December 1999


Orion Tutorials
A Tutorial on Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP)

advanced Home Page
<jsptags> Welcome to
Internationalize JSP-based Websites
Internationalize JSP-based Websites - JavaWorld March 2000
Advanced form processing using JSP
Advanced form processing using JSP - JavaWorld March 2000

jsp vs asp

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology - Comparison with ASP
Has Microsoft created an 'open' technology in Active Server Pages?


JSP links Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat [Apr. 19, 2001]
Developing XML Solutions with JavaServer(TM) Pages - The JSP Resource Index
JavaServer Pages (JSP) FAQ
Server Pages .com - The Resource Directory for Server Pages, Java, Active, ASP, JSP, Servlets, and others.
Servlet Essentials
Servlets Taverne: Home
Writing Enterprise Applications
Using XML and JSP together - JavaWorld March 2000

jini Home Page
Jini(TM) System 1.0 Home Page

java web server

Getting the Java Web Server
Goodbye CGI, Hello Java Servlets
Java Web Server
JavaServer Group
Java Servlets



Revolutionary RMI: Dynamic class loading and behavior objects - JavaWorld - December 1998

client technologies


Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing: Table of Contents
Swing Tool Set (AWT vs Swing)
Swing Component Gallery
The Tree Model Interface
The Swing Connection
JRun Servlet Engine


Default Policy Implementation and Policy File Syntax
Java Security Architecture

java reference library

Java Reference Library
Java in a Nutshell
Java Language Reference
Java AWT Reference
Java Fundamental Classes Reference
Exploring Java


Java(TM) 2 SDK Documentation (1.3)
SDK Development Tools (1.3)
Java(TM) 2 SDK Documentation (1.2)
The Java Language Environment: Contents
VM Spec

trail maps

awt / swing

2D Graphics: Table of Contents
Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing: Table of Contents

server side tech

Servlets: Table of Contents
IDL: Table of Contents
RMI: Table of Contents


The Reflection API
JavaBeans: Table of Contents


The JNDI Tutorial
The JNDI Tutorial: Trail Map

The Java Tutorial: Trail Map
Writing Applets: Table of Contents
JDBC Database Access: Table of Contents
JAR Files: Table of Contents
Essential Java Classes: Table of Contents
Security in JDK 1.1: Table of Contents
Learning the Java Language: Table of Contents
Tips for LDAP Users
Custom Networking: Table of Contents
The Extension Mechanism: Table of Contents

sample codes

Listeners for Commonly Handled Events Java(R) 2
Implementing Listeners for Commonly Handled Events
Creating a User Interface (AWT Only)
Handling Standard AWT Events
A Visual Index to the Swing Components
Writing Event Listeners: Examples
How to Convert Code that Uses I/O
How to Use File Streams
Using <code>DataInputStream</code> and <code>DataOutputStream</code>
Interface java.applet.AppletContext
Article:  Applet and Servlet Communication


Java newsgroups
Java* Newsgroups
Java User's Groups Info Page
Silicon Valley Java Users Group (SVJUG)
Mountain View Java Users Group
NASA/Ames Java User Group: Home
Center for Advanced Technology, San Francisco Bay Area C++ SIG


java tutes

Package Index (All packages)
Essential Java Classes: Table of Contents
The String and StringBuffer Classes
Reading and Writing (but no 'rithmetic)

JavaWorld - Java Tips index
The Java Developer Archive: How Do I... FAQ
Ask the Java Pro - Q & A - Main Index
Java Gotchas
Java Documentation
Java FAQ
Java FAQ


Core Java 1.1 : Advanced Features (Java Series (Mountain View, Calif.).) A Glance: Core Java 1.1 : Advanced Features (Java Series (Mountain View, Calif.).)
Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the Jfc (Java Series , Vol 1 - The AWT) A Glance: Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the Jfc (Java Series , Vol 1 - The AWT)
Core Java 1.1 : Advanced Features (Java Series (Mountain View, Calif.).) A Glance: Core Java 1.1 : Advanced Features (Java Series (Mountain View, Calif.).)
Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the Jfc (Java Series , Vol 1 - The AWT) A Glance: Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the Jfc (Java Series , Vol 1 - The AWT)
Core Java Foundation Classes (Core Series) A Glance: Core Java Foundation Classes (Core Series)
Programming With Jfc A Glance: Programming With Jfc
Java Foundation Classes (McGraw-Hill Java Masters) A Glance: Java Foundation Classes (McGraw-Hill Java Masters)
Up to Speed With Swing: User Interfaces With Java Foundation Classes A Glance: Up to Speed With Swing: User Interfaces With Java Foundation Classes
Jfc : Java Foundation Classes A Glance: Jfc : Java Foundation Classes


cute applets

The Java(TM) Boutique: The Ultimate Java Applet Resource

IDEs at a glance

Visaj - IST's Java Application development tool
Your Request has been received
KAWA, Simple Yet Powerful Java IDE
Index to jKit/Grid Information
Java Studio
Java WorkShop 2.0
Welcome to JDesignerPro 2.
KAWA, Simple Yet Powerful Java IDE

Welcome To SPEC
Self Home Page
Early Access--Java Activator
JavaUser: Java 101
Sandbox Security Model
Write Once, Run Anywhere: Why It Matters
Sun-Microsoft rift over Java
SunWorld - Sun-Microsoft rift over Java widens - April 1997
The Lake Applet
Presenting Java: News Tip Sheet
Java Developer's Journal
Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents
IBM SanFrancisco Technical Summary

sun certification

Certification@Sun - Professional Certification
Objectives for Java 2 certification
Sun: Educational Services : Certification : Certification Exams
Objectives for JDK 1.1 certification
Sun: Educational Services : Certification : Certification Exams
Sample Questions for JDK 1.1
Sun: Educational Services : Certification : Certification Exams
Sample Questions for Java 2
Sun: Educational Services : Certification : Certification Exams


Java Discussion Forums - RMI over IIOP
Java IDL
Java Discussion Forums - Java IDL
Java Discussion Forums - NewToJava
Java Discussion Forums - Welcome

Bug Parade
Java Developer Connection Home Page
JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide
Test for fun and profit, Part 3: The XML test framework - JavaWorld December 1999
Solaris Developer Connection
Security Code Guidelines
Java Gotchas
How Many Java VM's Should There Be?
JDK 1.2: Immature, but tons of new abilities - JavaWorld - January 1998
Twelve rules for developing more secure Java code - JavaWorld - December 1998


Bug Review
Bug Detail
BugTraq+ Showbug


JAX-RPC 1.1 Change List
Round IV
SOAPBuilders Interoperability Lab Round 4 F2F
SOAP Builders @ Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Yahoo! Groups : soapbuilders

soap specs

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0: Primer
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging Framework
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2: Adjuncts
XML Information Set

apache soap docs

Apache SOAP Documentation: User's Guide
Writing RPC Clients
Writing Message Clients
Writing RPC Services
Writing Message Services

soap builders

SOAP Builders @ Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Round I
Round II
Round III
SOAP Builders Round III – Web Services Interoperability Testing
Round IV
SOAPBuilders Interoperability Lab Round 4 F2F
Simon's Registry
SOAPBuilders Interop Registration and Notification Service
webMethods Enterprise Web Services
Round IV F2F Minutes
WSDL Napster
WSDL, SOAP, Web Services Search Engine and Web Service Tracking


Web Services Security (WS-Security)
XML-Signature Syntax and Processing
XML Encryption Syntax and Processing


Sankar's SOAPBuilders
Test Results
Test Results (Only Fail)
Performance Report


Archives of JAXRPC-INTEREST@JAVA.SUN.COM Mail Archives
Yahoo! Groups : wsdl
XML Schema (REC (20010502) version) Checking Service (BETA TEST)

soap interop

Microsoft Soap Interop Server
Interoperability Issues
WSDL Issues : WSDL Issues List
SoapWare.Org : Interopathon Plan
White Mesa SOAP Server DIME Processing

JCP Ballot status
Web Services SQE for JAX-RPC
Web Services SQE Schedule
JProbe (tm) Coverage Report of com.iplanet.ias.server.J2EERunner
Axis Mailing List Archive
MARC: Mailing list ARChives at AIMS
SOAP Comparisons
JAX Pack
Axis User's Guide
Binary XML with JAX-RPC and JAXM



RPC/Document style


WS-I Members Site
WS-I Sample App
IBM UDDI Registry: Overview
Meeting Schedule for wsi_testing
WS-I Basic vs SOAP 1.2
Scenarios & Design Docs
SA Impl Docs

Sample App UIs

Oracle UI
Oracle UI (expert mode)
M$ Web Client


1.3 APIs
1.4 APIs

Yahoo! News - Most-viewed content
SOAP Version 1.2 Specification Assertions and Test Collection component schedule

How to Customize Bookmarks...


Domain Name Registration FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
The Graphics File Format Page
Cool PNG examples
Bicycles FAQ
Navigator Guide for the PC
GT Bicycles: Q and A September 1998 Responses

Internet Service Providers

Welcome to the InterNIC
WebNexus Pricing Sheet
Web Plans (Wallace Technical Communications)

First Name of "Arun"
The First Name of "Menka"
Jester: The On-Line Joke Recommender
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Your link to the latest research news
Get Local - Regional:U.S. States:California:Cities:Santa Clara
Management Recruiters of Silicon Valley (Management Recruiters International)
Unix Utilities for Win95/NT
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
IBM IntelliStation Z Pro (Type 6865) Support - QD4T07A - Crystal Audio for Windows NT
IBM IntelliStation Z Pro (Type 6865) Support - ZU8T36A - Intergraph 3D video for Windows NT 4.0
10/12/98: Silicon Valley Guide: sanfrancisco.sidewalk - Directories
Welcome to Liquid Audio
Liquid Music Network
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